Sunday, June 9, 2013

I've Been Away from Here...

 For some reason my life seemed too hectic to get to my blogging place, really this safe space where everything seems gentler somehow.  This is a photo of a recent show in May, Farm and Frills at the Barn.

 This one too.   I loved this show.  It was like going home for me,  visiting dear friends from my old neighborhood where I had my shop years ago.

I intend to find my way back to this sweet space...I hope you'll still come visit me here.   
I cannot believe it is June!   
My wedding flower season is here with a flurry, so I'll be sharing pictures soon.

I have missed this space.

You can find me at my business page on FB just click in the right column to find me!

I hope you will.

deb :-)