Wednesday, March 27, 2013

If The Shoe Fits

I love these shoes...vintage 80's Docs.   I grew out of them for awhile.  Maybe I thought I needed to be more professional or they just weren't right for whatever reason.   

What I have learned in these past about 9 years (when our family moved and left family, and a house and i sold my business) is that things are not always as they seem.  

That some things we go through will just never make any sense.  Ever.

And (a harsh reality) that some people will just decide they don't like you.
For the first time in my life...I'm so okay with that.
(please don't take as long as me.  please?)

There aren't many things that I'm sure of except this...
That there is not a thing we go through that is ever wasted. 
They are re-purposed and we become wiser.

I have stopped "striving" but will never stop seeking.  

And it's spring...I will be digging and sowing seed like I haven't in years.   It's such a labor full of hope and trust...I love getting my hands dirty and staring each morning at the ground to see which seeds are up.
There are bouquets to be made and shared.

And my old flowery docs?
They fit again perfectly.

Embrace your journey and who you were created to be.
No one can do you better.

Happiest Spring Ever.


  1. I simply cannnnnot imagine a person who doesn't like you... Really. I CAN.NOT. You, my dear, are a breath of spring and the sweetest chickie EVAH... It's good not to let the "ODD" one bother you... pop those flowery shoes on and do a happy dance... because the whole world loves YOU!


  2. such sage advice for a beautiful spring day...can you believe that the sun is out and its starting to feel warm! I have a pair of old Docs...but yours are the best - so glad you are wearing them again!

    1. Thank you Amy! Happiest Spring to you friend : )

  3. Hey, I know those shoes!!! So good to see you on FB! Lilli is beautiful and you are a grandma! You are truly loved Deb! Miss you! Pam